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Must Have Things for Car Emergency kit that everyone often Forgets !!

Car Emergency kit is something that you won’t care about unless you get yourself in trouble. Many of us don’t keep a single thing that is useful for common emergencies in our car. If you want to purchase car emergency kit right now than it’s available on internet under $100. But if you wish to save some buck and make your own car emergency kit than here’s list of very common things that you can keep in your car right now.

Cellphone Charger 

If you facing kind of situation on your trip in which you can’t help yourself, In that situation worst thing you could face is dead battery of cellphone. Cellphone charger is very small and most important thing because a cell phone can open so many ways to contact for help.

Fire Extinguisher 

There are variety of classes in fire extinguisher, you need to purchase Class B and Class C to keep in your car. because different fire extinguisher is needed if the fire is from fuel or electric of battery circuit.

Warning Sign Triangles

These is the thing that people often think that it’s not important, but i think this is the must have and one of the most important thing that one should keep in a car, imagine if car broke down in dark and another car driver doesn’t see your car. This simple warning signs can save you from major accidents, I suggest to keep at least 3 and place it 50 meter part from one another in the situation.


If you want to check what’s going on around you in the dark a flashlight will help. you can’t fix the things in dark.

Jumper Cable and On Board Diagnosis Kit

If you have a little knowledge about repairing this will help you to find out where exactly is the problem and what’s going on in your car. I would also suggest to keep owners manual in car all these 3 things combined together can say your day like a miracle sometimes.

So here’s the short list that people often forgets or doesn’t car too much about it. If you’re looking for gadget review visit us again or Click here for review of variety of things.

Road Bicycle Maintenance Tips and Cleaning

Whether it’s a bicycle or some  other vehicle or gadget, if you want to use it for a longer period of time without performance issue, you must maintain it properly. Bicycle maintenance is a kind of work that every bicycle lover loves doing it enjoys the difference in performance of properly serviced ride. So lets check very few simple tips to keep your bike up to date.

First Spray it down with water to clean all the mud and dust from every and especially those small parts of bike where it’s difficult to clean, water will reach every corner and take those mud and dust out.

It’s time to clean one more time but now using soap or washing liquid, take the grease out from chain and breaks that usually builds up in every bike.

Clean the chain and rims, wipe it again  until it shines. Looks great isn’t it. !!!

Now It’s time for applying the lube on bike.

Applying the lube properly is important part, If you use too much lube on parts it will attract the dirt. Apply little and try how it works, wait for some time and let the chain absorb some than apply again if needed. Lube other parts and cables too.

Its time to check

After every cleaning or maintenance session always check the breaks, wipe the lube if it gets there. It’s good for safety.

Check every bolts with wrench, and if you find any of those loose, don’t over tight it.

Spin the tire and check if it wobbles you need to true  it.

Check your tire for cuts and cracks. It’s important if you want to ride your bike to long distance.

Check tire pressure, its too common and necessary. Set the pressure according to weather conditions. Keep the pump and extra tube with you in long trips.

After all your rides keep your bike inside your some or park in shade so remains safe from sun damage, even the humid conditions does more damage to bike than sun.

All these mentioned here are very basic and simple tips that anyone can apply to their best road bikes.

Thebicyclesguide is very useful source of information weather you want to  purchase a new bike or need tips related to cycling. so keep in touch that and other sources. If you want to enjoy your every ride, keep your bike up to date.